Lola & Goat of Africa


"Goat and Lola Bufow were found when they were a few weeks old lying next to their deceased mother and siblings. The men in my company didn’t feel right just leaving them there. Especially because they were so young, they probably wouldn’t have survived. Since, that day Goat and Lola Bufow have brought nothing, but raised spirits, laughter, and love to my company. Everyone adores them. Goat is extremely playful and is the trend setter for her sister. She was the first one of the two to learn sit and how to inform us she needed to go outside. She is very smart. Lola Bufow is the shyer one of the two. She constantly wants whatever her sister has. These little rascals love human affection! When they get tired, they sit next to you and beg to be picked up and cuddled until they are fast asleep. These girls are amazing companions already and it would break so many hearts to leave them behind. If we are not able to bring them home, we will be forced to return them to the wild and the chances of them surviving are slim. "  


Lil Chewy of Afghanistan


"I found this sweet little thing at the Airbase.  She was in such dire straits and I could not leave her behind.  We will take her to our home in Germany where I am currently stationed once she is well enough."  


Krispy of Syria


"I found Krispy's mom when I was walking back to my room. I noticed she was pregnant. Myself, being the head cook, and only cook here with the help of my 3 local cooks, I had made sure she began receiving some of the leftovers, such as chicken. She was very far along so I knew she needed the nutrition for her puppies. Well, one day after going to bed late, and having an early morning, I decided to go take a nap. My head cook had called and all I could make out was "Puppy! Puppy!" Krispy was the first puppy that seemed to be the bravest at exploring where he was at because the next day when I went to check on them, he was at the end of the trailer.  I kept putting him in the shade and he kept going into the sun and that is why I named him Krispy. I check on them 3 to 4 times a day. I make sure to keep feeding the mom so she can stay healthy.  I asked my friend to send dog food, formula and wipes so I could keep them fed and clean.   I am so happy to find help to bring Krispy home to a loving environment, and to never be abandoned. I would not have been able to live with myself knowing a mom and those puppies were out there and I didn't do everything I could do to at least try to get 1 back to the states. I sadly cannot afford them all, or else I would take them in a heart beat, but I am glad I can take Krispy. When I am having a bad day, or just need something to make myself feel better, and need help reminding myself I am in temporary spot, the mom dog helped me with that knowing she was pregnant and had nobody there for her. When Krispy came along, it made me think, God put me here for a reason even if I didn't want to be here, I am here. I want to save and love Krispy in every possible way I can, because he deserves a good life, versus eating scraps and living under buildings that are not stable."


Bear & Cheeto of Iraq


Bear and Cheeto were born on our camp in August 2018. I was not in theater at that time, but a friend of mine was their crst cat mom. I didn't plan on getting a pet, but I'm a sucker for lovable cats and dogs. Unfortunately, dogs require a great deal more work and attention, and I travel quite a bit for work. Cats are much more self sufficient, and would be easier to take care of with my schedule. When I got here and found out about these 2, I didn't just want to take them home. I need to. Because I know that when our mission here ends and our forces pull out, which we eventually will, these cats will not survive. They are completely domesticated, and have been taken care of by people since they were kittens. They have a cat house by our main patio with lots of toys. They always have food and fresh water. Several of us receive cat toys and treats in our care packages from home. Bear and Cheeto can frequently be found lounging on tables in all of our common areas. They love to have their bellies rubbed. They also love to lounge on the base of our jag staff, at our cenotaph on our camp. Its pretty damn cute. If they like you, they'll follow you around the camp as though they're going for a walk with you. They hang out by the gym, and sit in front of the rowers and assault bikes to watch you suffer while they bask in the glory of the air coming off of the fan. Sometimes you'll cnd them inside oBces, where they've snuck in like ninjas to sit on your chairs and lay in the air conditioning. Pretty much every morning you see evidence of them in the form of new little dirty cat prints on the tables, vehicles, and side by sides. They're cute, and cuddly, and friendly, and they need to come home with me :)


Rome of Romania


Rome is part of a litter the soldiers found.  2 of the pups passed away of disease leaving just Bandit and Rome.  Bandit has a soldier and family waiting for her in the USA but Rome does not.  We just could not leave her behind so she is part of our Sasha's Legacy program that finds families for the homeless rescues.  Rome is shy but sweet.  She loves people and children.  She is currently in a facility with dogs and cats and gets along with both.  If this little girl would be a welcome addition to your family please apply with Sasha's Legacy.  Email them at and they will send you the application.  

Expected to arrive in November.


Bella & Zanat of Afghanistan


The Soldier has raised all the funds needed for Bella.  

A few days after arriving in country, I saw this beautiful, tiny puppy with one black eye near the perimeter of Bagram. I couldn't get to her at the time but, kept looking for her everytime I was in the area. I did spot her a few times but, I could never get close to her. 3 months later, I saw her again, running from children throwing rocks. She was so exhausted that she couldn't run very far before sitting down. I had passengers with me and couldn't stop but, the second vehicle did. The other guys knew I was looking for her and picked her up for me. She slept for 3 days but, now she is full of puppy energy and ready to go home. I have named her Zanat. I was told it means 'beauty' in Dari and that's what she is. A beautiful survivor.


Sia of Afghanistan



Pepper of Afghanistan


Our Special Forces team found a tiny little pup being kicked around and antagonized by a group of local men, and quickly brought her back to our team house, where she was bathed, fed with whatever canned tuna we had, and warmed. Clearly sick and malnourished, she was skinny and very lethargic, and the veterinarian who examined her estimated her age to be around 10 weeks. Within a few days of being vaccinated, fed, loved, and around the team, however, her wild puppy personality began to come out. She is very playful, energetic, and affectionate, and returns the love given to her by the whole team tenfold. Over the course of the team's combat deployment thus far, she has brought a much needed and welcome source of comfort and reprieve from whatever else may be happening. She may have won the Afghanistan puppy lottery by being brought in by the team, but the men whose daily routines are brightened by her presence are the ones who really beneat. She goes by a few different names, depending on who is playing with her, but will be named Pepper once she makes it into the states.

Bailey of Romania


Throughout my time spent deployed in Jordan I've had a rough time dealing with missing close friends weddings, deaths of friends and family, a cancer diagnosis to a family friend, and my best friend's dog's death. The base I was at I took care of the dogs, in which there was 3 that permanently stayed. Others came and went. But those 3 dogs adored us and we loved them. The love of a dog is an incredible thing to have when you're thousands of miles away from home. Unfortunately, those 3 dogs got into something poisonous; we suspected the locals put something out as they are not a fan of dogs in general. The dogs went into seizures and convulsions. Two of the dogs pulled through and we nursed back to health. My favorite dog, Dave, didn't make it and I buried him behind our camp. It was not long after that my best friend's dog, Haley, passed away as well. The dog was pretty much my dog too. I had known her the majority of her life and helped take care of her and love her just as he did as we were always together. Losing her brought Teddy and myself great sadness. About 4 months ago we had to move to a new base. I had met this dog before when I visited this base but when I had arrived the dog had gone missing. Apparently a vet was here to spay her, the dog's name was Anne. Anne conveniently took off during this time and we found out she ended up pregnant. I always took care of the dogs and I continued taking care of her, constantly giving her my food and water. She eventually gave birth to a healthy litter of 8 puppies. Even now I take care of all these puppies giving them food and water every day. I had thought about how great it would be to be able to keep one of these puppies, but never thought it would be feasible. My Captain informed me of this organization and I had a brilliant idea.  I want to give Bailey to my best friend for Christmas. I couldn't imagine a better present than to be able to surprise my best friend with a puppy! Bailey is a sweetheart and I'm sure will make a great companion!

Rattler of Romania


We have a dog on our base and she had a litter of puppies. Myself and a few others decided to take it upon ourselves to take care of them. After that our bound with the dogs were unbreakable. Our deployments coming to an end soon and we asked this great organization to help us get the ones we felt closest to home!

Viserion of Romania


The reason why i would love to bring the Pup home is because I’ve grown attached to him. He deserves to have a better life, he deserves to receive love and affection 24/7 from a family that would love to give him all that.

Bailey the Kitty of Somalia


The primary mission of Puppy Rescue Mission is to assist military men and women to bring home their companion animals they have bonded with while deployed on foreign soil.

Thank You Men and Women for your service to our country. It is because of your dedication that we live in The Land of the Free, Because of the Brave. Paw Salute!

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