Misha of Jordan


Misha was roaming just outside our FOB AO when we rescued her. When we got her she had a pretty bad limp, her hair was very patchy, she looked like she hadn't eaten in days. We immediately brought her into our FOB and started feeding her on a regular basis and restoring her health. We got her cleaned up and we all gave her an immense amount of love. Before long she was healthy, jumping around always excited to play and more than willing to give love to anyone that was willing to play with her. I took it upon myself to train her and take care of her everyday and immediately started to bond with her, before long she was following me around everywhere I went, I moved her into my oBce where I was able to start training her with basic commands and gave her a place to know as home. But that wasn't enough for me, for months she was always by my side and I decided that i wanted her to live the best life possible in the states with me right by my side like she has for months. She deserves nothing less for always putting a smile on everyones face and giving them a reminder of home each and everyday.

Inca of Afghanistan


Inca was found by locals in Kabul.  In addition to the mange he had some deep bite wounds and he had a cord tied around his neck that pressed into his esophagus. He had not been eating much when we got him.  He has transformed unbelievable with some love and care.   Life in Afghanistan is not good for animals. It is very cold there now and the lack of veterniary care leads to many animals dying from disease. Inca is one of the lucky ones. He was cared for and loved and now he is headed to the USA where he has a family super anxious for his arrival. He is super excited too!

Inca is a rescue for Kabul Small Animal Rescue that Puppy Rescue Mission assisted with finding him a home in the United States.  

Frankie, Clyde & Pumpkin


 Clyde, Pumpkin, and their mom Frankie are a shinning beacon of love and joy for all of us here in Afghanistan. Frankie and her kittens shouldn’t even be here since Frankie was dropped at another base a few mikes away, but she made her way back to us and brought along her unborn kittens with us. These kittens and Frankie are loved by the whole base and are great at pest control for us. But according to our policies we are not allowed to have them around and unfortunately a new commander who is a stickler for the rules is arriving soon we are afraid we will be forced to get rid of them. 

Apollo of Romania


"We found the Dog (Apollo) freezing outside beside our DFAC and picked him up and nursed

him back to health. He reached my heart and has made this deployment a lot easier. Knowing that I will see him when I come back home will get me through this deployment a lot easier."

Rosie of Afghanistan


"Having deployed to Afghanistan numerous times as both active duty military and now as a DOD civilian I have often seen the cruel and harsh conditions dogs often have here. I had always wanted to rescue at least one dog. The stars have aligned and I am hopeful to rescue two dogs. Rosie and Birdie were found abandoned in a ditch near our base and our

security element brought them to safety. Rosie's friendly attitude got my attention immediately and Birdie's feisty attitude stole my heart. As a father I am glad to be able to keep the two siblings together in the states. My three grandson's are so looking forward to meeting them, loving them and helping raise them."

Alexandria Virginia Bound!!!

Vader of Afghanistan


"I went to see the rescue pups a few days ago and came across some of the cutest pups I've ever seen. Some were shy and some were outgoing but there was one in particular that stood out with me. A few minutes after I walked into the kennel, Vader came over to me laid in-between my legs and started chewing on my laces. After about 15 minutes of petting him, I was moving around to see the other pups and Vader was following me wherever I went. That's when I knew I wanted to adopt him. He's my little cuddle pup. Of course I had to ask my other half because it's a family decision and once I showed her Vader's pics, she was in-love. "

Sam of Afghanistan


Coming Soon

Clarence of Afghanistan


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Abby of Afghanistan


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Birdie of Afghanistan


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Seymour of Romania


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The primary mission of Puppy Rescue Mission is to assist military men and women to bring home their companion animals they have bonded with while deployed on foreign soil.

Thank You Men and Women for your service to our country. It is because of your dedication that we live in The Land of the Free, Because of the Brave. Paw Salute!

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