Board of Directors

Anna Cannan Chiasson, President


Maine~ Mom to Alphy, Bear & Griz of Afghanistan. Founder & President of 

Puppy Rescue Mission since inception in 2010.

Michelle Smith, Executive Director


Texas~ Mom to Scout of Afghanistan, BooBoo of Bosnia & Amico of Lebanon as well as several American rescues. Director since inception in 2010.

Starla Trivilino, Secretary

Starla Trivilino

 North Carolina~ Mom to Isis & Mimi of Afghanistan and Scout of Kuwait. 

Retired State Department employee. 

Linda Brooks, Treasurer


Texas~ Mom to Liberty of Afghanistan.

Always up to a challenge to foster the long term dogs.  

Mary Lee Ball


Washington DC~ Mom to Finley of Afghanistan, Mavis and Taao of Thailand.  Mary has been a flight escort for so many dogs and cats.  

Kaydee Johannsen


Washington~ Mom to Leonidas and Mittens of Afghanistan and Coordinator of Leonidas 'Pawing It Forward' Auctions raising thru the years close to $100K

Brandon Ito


Arizona~ US Army Veteran and dad to Setara of Afghanistan and Gece of Turkey.  Many dogs got their "happily ever after" because of his time served in Afghanistan.  

Cecilia Pinter


Maine~ Mom to Lucky who was rescued by Canadian Soldiers.  She passed away in 2017.  She was a lucky girl to have lived in Maine for 7 years.  Mother to Chris Chiasson~the reason Puppy Rescue Mission was started.  

Adoption Team/Sasha's Legacy Team

Beth Small

Beth Small | Puppy Rescue Mission | Adoption Team

Texas~ Mom to Jangi of Afghanistan (2012)

Jen Lacosse

Jen Lacosse| Puppy Rescue Mission | Adoption Team

New York~ Mom to Tango of Qatar 

Sherry Burg

Sherry Burg | Puppy Rescue Mission | Adoption Team

  Virginia~ Mom to Rylee of Afghanistan, Rafo of Bosnia and part time Mom to Hector Bear of Afghanistan   

Brenna Lamitie


 Connecticut~ Mom to Zuri of Africa,  Charlie Two Socks of Djibouti and Tak of Afghanistan 

Lauren Bjerregaard


Washington~ Mom to Dena and Odin, mother and son from Afghanistan 

Kat Hawes


Florida~ Mom to Lily of Afghanistan 

Jennifer Biehl


Virginia~ Mom to Tuga of San Diego, Rora of Bahrain

Contact the Adoption Team

Sasha | Puppy Rescue Mission | Adoption Team

Our volunteers will get back to you within 48 hours! 


Starla Trivilino, Fosters

North Carolina~  Mom to Isis & Mimi of Afghanistan and Scout of Kuwait. 

Retired State Department employee.  

Mary DiJulio, Microchips

Washington~  Mom to Ammo of Afghanistan, Chance and Buddy of Kuwait 

Elan Birkeland, Instagram

Japan~ Marine wife currently living in Japan. Mom to Demi of Afghanistan. 

TBD, Website

Seeking a volunteer to assist with keeping website up to date. 

Kim McCarty, Ground Transports

Pennsylvania~ Mom to Meatball, Butterball, Bella and Ellie May of Afghanistan. 

Linda Merkel, Fundraising

Illinois~ Mom to several PRM kitty rescues.