Local nonprofit helping dog rescued from Afghanistan

Max is a pup who some would describe as a calm and gentle and enjoys a nice belly rub here and there. It’s hard to imagine he was once one of the many strays left on the streets in Afghanistan where he faced alleged abuse and mistreatment.

Operation pup homecoming: Abused war dog gets second chance with vet who saved him

When Piggy the black and white pup was found on a military base in Afghanistan, he looked like "a guinea pig covered in blood," said Zach Knorr, the veteran who found him while stationed there. 

Someone had cut off Piggy’s ears and tail, Knorr said in a Facebook post about discovering the puppy.


Dog rescued by soldiers in Afghanistan arrives in Colorado Springs

  Thanks to support from the community and an organization that saves animals, a dog that was rescued by soldiers in Afghanistan has arrived to its new home in Colorado Springs.   

Midland County Airman reunites with dog he rescued in Iraq

When Senior Airman Christopher Williams, who had been deployed to central Iraq, stepped off the plane in Flint Sunday morning, he was looking forward to seeing his family.

But there was another reason he was excited to be home in Midland County – a reunion that has been in the works for months. He would finally see Lucy again, an Iraqi dog he helped to rescue.

The Dog I Brought Home From Afghanistan Actually Rescued Us

  It was getting close to Christmas. Snow was evident on the lower peaks of the Hindu Kush and I was thinking of home while working on a cigarette. Frank and I took a position on the edge of a canal, sheltered by some small trees. From there, we had a good view of the main road and the mountains while we provided perimeter security for our team. After piling in my usual three pieces of gum post-smoke, I noticed the tall grass move in front of us, and I motioned to Frank. We watched closely as a brindle puppy with white paws and half of a tail emerged. She caught sight of us and stopped, startled and scared by our presence. 

Face of Defense: Soldier Looks Toward Reunion With Canine Friend From Iraq

Army Reserve Sgt. Tracy McKithern loves dogs.

Last year, when McKithern found a little female white stray dog sniffing around camp here during her yearlong deployment to Iraq -- only one thing was going to happen.

“I fell in love with her immediately,” she said.

WATCH: U.S. Soldier Reunites With Stray Dog Rescued In Iraq

A U.S. Army soldier has been reunited with a stray dog her unit rescued during their deployment to the Middle East.

U.S. Army Reserve Sgt. Tracy McKithern is a combat photographer who was serving in Iraq in 2017. During her unit’s assignment, a scratch-covered stray and its mother started sniffing around their base. “I fell in love with her immediately,” McKithern said, via military media service DVIDS. “She came up to me immediately, probably hungry, but gentle. I think she was looking for love more than anything else.”

Afghanistan veteran and dog reunite after months of separation

After months of waiting and thousands of miles traveled, Sean Marsicane has finally been reunited with the dog he adopted while serving in Afghanistan.

Apollo was a stray dog that showed up on the campground where Marsicane was working with Afghan soldiers.


Dogs of war find a home in York County

The story of an American dog rescue, and two pups in York County is rooted in war. Sixteen years into the ongoing war on terror, nearly one dog per day from conflict ravaged areas across the world is finding a home in the United States, and even in York County.


In 2001, Sgt. Craig Grossi was in the Sangin District in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, sent there to help secure the area for the villagers. He describes the area as a violent place, and it was the last place he’d expect to meet his first dog. But that’s just what happened.


American soldier on mission to rescue Afghan puppies

He’s Puppy Rambo!

An American soldier is on a mission to rescue a litter of pooches from the cruel streets of Afghanistan — where animals are treated like garbage.

Combat Medic Holden Schoenig, 22 came across the mixed-breed canines hiding under a piece of scrap metal while on patrol in Kabul last August — and took them under his wing.

Snickle Fritz is the dog found in Afghanistan settling in with a veteran in Australia

If you take a look at her Facebook page, Snickle Fritz the dog is very much one for laying about and having as many naps as she can in one day. But beneath it all the 3-year-old Afghan Kuchi is helping a veteran with post-war life in Australia. 


Army wife launches international dog rescue after strays saved soldiers from suicide bomber in Afgha

Everyone has heard stories of puppies being rescued by people, but this story is a little different, because it’s about people being rescued by puppies.

It all started in 2010, when Army soldier Chris Chiasson was deployed to a combat post in Afghanistan. Days before his arrival, a suicide bomber had arrived at the base, intending to blow up as many soldiers as he could, but was thwarted in his efforts by three stray dogs, who attacked him and alerted the troops.

Recovering Soldier Reunites with His Dog from Afghanistan

For a wounded soldier home from Afghanistan, It was a special reunion a long time in the making.

A puppy he adopted on the front lines is now with him again in Bethesda, Maryland.

Nolay's Story

 Josh Roth and Nolay home safe in California.  Anna Cannan and others celebrate the soldiers and their battle buddies in San Diego at their BBQ & Bonfire.   


Heroic Afghan Dog Reunited with U.S. Soldier

 When Georgia National Guardsman Chris Duke was serving in Afghanistan, he made friends with the locals - stray dogs Sasha, Target and Rufus.

"A lot of us used the three of them as an escape when you're homesick," Duke said

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