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Soldiers Saving Puppies

Puppies Saving Soldiers

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Puppy Rescue Mission soldier rescue

Learn more about our current rescues heading to the USA soon, and how you can help! 

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Puppy Rescue Mission soldier rescue

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Puppy Rescue Mission soldier rescue

Since our inception in 2010, Puppy Rescue Mission has never turned a soldier away. Reach out and let us help rescue your battle buddy!

The Story of a Soldier, his girl & his pups

Anna's husband Chris Chiasson and his pups, the inspiration for Puppy Rescue Mission

Puppy Rescue Mission (“PRM”) is the brainchild of Anna, president and founding member of PRM. Anna’s idea for PRM began when her fiancé, Chris, was deployed to and stationed in Afghanistan. A few weeks prior to Chris’s arrival at his combat outpost, a suicide bomber entered the post in the middle of the night. The dogs on the post immediately started barking and took off in pursuit of the bomber. One of the dogs, Rufus, grabbed the bomber’s leg while two other dogs, Target and Sasha, alerted the troops.  Realizing his cover was blown, the suicide bomber blew himself up never making it into the living quarters of the soldiers. 

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